Dining Options in the Area

Restaurants we recommend

There are loads of restaurants in Bartlesville, Dewey, and Pawhuska.

Below you will find Beth and Perry's favorite places to eat.

Don't forget to tell them who sent you. Enjoy!


Copper Bar & Restaurant - Bartlesville

Frank & Lola's - Bartlesville

Samantha's - Bartlesville

Sterling's Grille - Bartlesville

The Painted Horse - Bartlesville

Tinker's Glass House - Bartlesville

Tumbleweeds Steakhouse - Bartlesville


Bambino's Downtown Bistro - Bartlesville

Dink's Pit Bar-B-Que - Bartlesville

Heritage Theatre Cafe & Pub - Dewey

Hideaway Pizza - Bartlesville

Jude's Health and Java House - Bartlesville

Luigi's Italian Restaurant - Bartlesville

Murphy's Steak House - Bartlesville

Outpost Coffee - Bartlesville


Soho Hibachi & Sushi - Bartlesville

Szechuan Chinese Restaurant - Bartlesville

Shorties Grille - Bartlesville

Sushi One - Bartlesville

Taco Maria's - Bartlesville

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile - Pawhuska

Weeze's Cafe - Bartlesville

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